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Medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that patient died from lethal combination of drugs.

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The children of the Waco, Texas man who died after undergoing routine knee replacement surgery have filed suit claiming up to $12,000,000.00 in damages for the death of their father. The man, Thomas L. Nate, Sr., age 75 had previously undergone a successful knee replacement surgery in May of 2002. His children had expected a similar outcome this procedure.

The children’s attorney however claims that the doctors prescribed two pain medications including one that was stronger than the recommended dose. In addition to the pain medications a blood thinner was also prescribed that may have interacted with blood pressure medication that the patient was already taking. The children’s attorney, Daryl Zook, claimed the doctors ignored a “black-box warning” from the drug manufacturer that some of these drugs should not be used in combination with the other drugs.

“We think it was an injustice the way these doctors cavalierly prescribed these medications, did not consider the interaction of these medications, and Mr. May died as a result,” Zook said.

May developed a condition known as sepsis, caused by inflammation, problems with blood clotting and low blood pressure. The sepsis led to respiratory problems, organ failure, pneumonia and an eventual heart attack, Zook said. He died from what is known as adult respiratory distress syndrome, Zook said.