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The widow of a construction worker killed in an explosion at the Texas Industries Inc. plant in Midlothian, Texas was awarded $18.9 million by a jury. The widow of Gordon Rutherford, 34 had accused TXI of negligence and reckless conduct in the death of her 34 year old husband. A Dallas County jury agreed with her and after a four-week trial awarded the widow almost $19,000,000.00.The verdict…

Bruce Roberts

Medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that patient died from lethal combination of drugs.

The children of the Waco, Texas man who died after undergoing routine knee replacement surgery have filed suit claiming up to $12,000,000.00 in damages for the death of their father. The man, Thomas L. Nate, Sr., age 75 had previously undergone a successful knee replacement surgery in May of 2002. His children had expected a similar outcome this procedure. The children’s attorney however…

Bruce Roberts

Mother Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Daughter's Killer

A mother has filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit against the man who murdered her pregnant daughter and her seven year old grandson.Also named in the suit are Barbee’s accomplice and two ex-wives. The lawsuit seeks to determine if Barbee transferred assets to his ex-wives to shield money and property from future lawsuits. Both women deny the accusation.”If we’re going to recover any money,…